The Mini Cooper Forum was set up in 2016 with a view to providing a discussion and information platform for classic Mini Cooper and BMW MINI Cooper enthusiasts around the world. However discussion on anything to do with the Mini/MINI has always been welcomed.

As the forum banner says it is an independent forum with no affiliation to any car club or business. In terms of operation the forum has worked well with very few problems. However it’s fair to say that the forum has not been a success. Quite why remains something of a mystery. With this background in mind we hereby give notice that a final decision as to whether the Mini Cooper Forum continues to run or is taken down will be made on or just after 30th November 2019.

If you have ideas of how the forum might be improved to attract more discussion please feel free to either post on the forum or email

Graham W Robinson
May 2019

Mini/MINI Clubs Around the World

In your country you can:
a) Look up details of Mini/MINI clubs.
b) Submit details of clubs in your country.
Forum notes - Please read
The details for the clubs listed were supplied by users of the Mini Cooper Forum and NOT by the Mini Cooper Forum itself.

If other forum members should have any concerns about a club listed would they please send a PM (Personal Message) to the forum administrator. Adverse discussion on the forum about a club is not encouraged. On the other hand endorsement by other forum users is welcomed.

The Mini Cooper Forum reserves the right to remove a club from the list. In the unlikely event that this is necessary the forum user who originally entered the details will be informed either by PM or email and why.

Please note that we will introduce subdivisions to cover states, counties, territories, departments, etc. as and when we receive entries.


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