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May 2019

Daft car names

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Island Blue
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Daft car names

Postby Island Blue » 05 Feb 2018, 18:47

What is it with car manufacturers and their inane &/or meaningless model names?

Let's start with the VW T-Roc, what is that supposed to mean? I'm not a fan of bloated SUVs in any event but accompany their ugly presence with an irritating advertising campaign and a silly name and I'm so far off message that you couldn't give one away to me.

As for the Vauxhall Grandland with a name like that you know it must be anything but grand and I haven't even seen one.

The SEAT Ateca was next on my list but then I found that Clarkson had already done an irritatingly good literary assassination in The Times ( ... eat-ateca/ ) All I can add to that is a summary of its close relation the VW Tiguan - "a car for people that want a Golf that won't fit in their garage."

Oh, and in case you were wondering about Tiguan it's a cross between tiger and leguan, the German words for tiger and iguana (It's pronounced TEE-gwan.) Why?

Feel free to add your own personal unfavourites...

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The Fens

Re: Daft car names

Postby Cooperman » 08 Apr 2018, 23:01

I always though that the Hillman AVENGER was a pretty stupid name. Who or what was it 'avenging'? Maybe avenging the ghost of Reggie Rootes! Or is it for people who have suffered from 'road rage'. Buy an Avenger and get your own back!.

Then there was the Vauxhall VICTOR, Against whom was it 'victorious' - certainly not the Ford products which had 'pretty' names like Cortina, Anglia, Capri, Zephyr, etc.

The more up-market cars generally just have numbers for model types. Mercedes, BMW, Audi & Jaguar are all just numbers, except for the Audi Quattro, which does make some sense as it's a 4x4.

Maybe the name MARINA from BLMC was appropriate as it was a bit 'marine-like' in its ride & handling.

Some names stem from earlier sporting success. Typically we have had Sunbeam Alpine, Triumph Dolomite, Singer le Mans, Healey Silverstone, Porsche Carrera, etc.

I have never understood the names some 'Yank Tanks' had. For example, I once rented a 'Buick LeSabre' and a friend had a Chrysler 'LeBaron'. What the heck are those names meant to represent? Then there was the Cadillac Coupe de Ville - sounds like something Cruella might use for chasing '101 Dalmatians'.

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