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FWE100J LHD Copper S

Postby morgan4 » 25 Jan 2018, 19:01

Built by Andy Ayres in 1970,a very special club rally car, Left hand drive,from a new BMC body shell, as EHA555D was the previous rally car( with its works mods) all the works mods were copied, and fitted including sub frame front and rear mods, the car was wired by the works elections, brakes had shields, rear trailing arm mods, all re manufactured ,
the 1390 engine was on a signal 45,all straight cut, trans, DG,diff 3.9 SC with a LSD, Engine was built by David Hirons fabulous Engine.
On this car 1st outing at a local Warwickshire autocross it was rolled many times, a sad day, Peter Fenton of 1071 rally fame straightened the body
and the car never got bent again ,and went on to be a very successful rally car for the next few years and win many awards. Where has it gone to?

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