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Graham W Robinson
May 2019

Welsh International Rally 1966

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Welsh International Rally 1966

Postby worksminis » 04 Mar 2018, 23:32

Had my memory jogged that I am still supposed to be researching the fate of GRX309D, the works car Fall put off (permanently) at Grimshaw's Bend on Epynt. Specifically how damaged it was and whether it is likely to have ever run again, given Comps reluctance to carry out major body repairs. That particular car, not it's registration (which was then used on a new works race car that was exported for Sebring - "temporarily" according to Bill Price, to speed up paperwork, but permanently in practice). (Price's book claims it was converted into the race car but he later explained the real situation). There has been some suggestion the reg no appeared on a practice car for the 67 Monte but it seems unlikely to have been the same car.
That it would have been in the dark means following cars are unlikely to have been able to see the damage. I have contacted a few of them (the entire field would have passed it except for Clark/Porter and Fidler/Taylor, who were ahead of Fall on the road) and sadly many are no longer with us. I now see Cooperman was co-driving a Lotus Cortina on the event. The dark also means photos are not likely to be available.... unless anyone knows differently...
Any recollections from anyone or suggestions of who else to ask (Mike Wood is already on the list!)?

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The Fens

Re: Welsh International Rally 1966

Postby Cooperman » 07 Mar 2018, 21:45

I was indeed co-driving a Lotus-Cortina, OOO 36D with Tony White. In fact it was a GT Cortina with a Lotus engine.

I can't recall what happened to Tony's Mini, but I just remember that we retried with total brake failure when a rear brake pipe was pulled away from the rear axle, snapped and we lost the brake fluid. We tried clamping the rear flexible with Mole grips, but although we wired them on it didn't work.

Wow, is it really 52 years ago. Where did all those years go?

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